Charter Standard Club Information 2015-16
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Following the introduction of the Whole Game System and the changes in coaching criteria for FA Charter Standard Clubs at all levels of accreditation from summer 2015, we share some important information with you here.


Whole Game System

The majority of clubs will now be familiar with the whole game system after affiliating their clubs online via this system for the 2015-16 season. This system will soon have coach data and Charter Standard information within it along with Annual Health Check and applying for Charter Standard accreditation functionality built within it. The timescale for the Health Check functionality to be available within whole game is as follows:

  • Present - currently in development
  • November 2015 - Testing
  • December 2015 - Launch & Live
  • December 2015 - Training for County staff and support resources

The functionality to apply for Charter Standard accreditation will be available New Year 2016.


Annual Health Check 2015/16

Following the information above, once we know when and how clubs can complete the Annual Health Check process through the Whole Game System you will receive this information from the County FA. We intend to open our Annual Health Check process January 2016 with the deadline of March 31st 2016.


Member Services

At present clubs can still edit their club records within member services as well as generate their Health Check form which highlights coaches qualification records. We advise that you access your clubs qualification records so you can prepare for the Annual Health Check process come January 2016 and action plan coaches who do not currently satisfy criteria. For 'how to' video guides on how to edit records and generate your form please visit our YouTube channel by clicking here.


Charter Standard Criteria 2015

Some clubs will already be aware that Charter Standard criteria has changed as of the summer 2015. Majority of criteria remains unchanged however there is a number of new criteria relating to coaching to support The FA's strategic objectives. The changes can be viewed either by visiting our Charter Standard section on our website by clicking here or by watching the below video.



We have recently delivered two webinars around the new Charter Standard criteria and the areas of support available from us at the County FA to support clubs in meeting this new criteria. The first webinar presentation was for FA Charter Standard Community and Development Clubs, the second was for FA Charter Standard Youth Clubs. Please click on the relevant title below to view the webinar recording.

The reason a webinar has not been delivered for FA Charter Standard Adult clubs is because the changes in criteria relating to coaching does not affect any teams playing outside of the National League System, Step 7 or above. These teams or clubs with teams playing at Step 7 or above will be communicated to separately. Just be aware that Adult teams will still need a qualified first aider with the team and will need to be able to evidence an in date and acceptable first aid qualification for the Health Check process.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above please call your County FA Football Development officer.


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